Server Rules

By playing on our server you acknowledge the following rules:

Section 1: Chat

  • Be friendly and polite, do not insult others. Avoid toxic behaviour. Respect each other's standards and values.
  • Do not send inappropriate (NSFW) links in the chat.
  • Do not place any commercial offers or advertisements in chat, including advertising other Discord servers or third party websites.
  • Do not spam in the chat. The same applies to the use of commands.
  • Do not impersonate others.
  • Respect each other's privacy. Do not disclose private conversations without the other's consent.
  • English and Dutch only.
  • Follow staff instructions.
  • Use the appropriate chat channels. You can use the following channel prefixes: '!' for global, '#' for roleplay (25 block radius) and '@' for kingdom chat. By default you will only communicate with members of your own house.
  • DDoS, hack or exposure threats will result in an immediate ban from the network.

Section 2: Kingdoms, Houses & Roleplay

  • In order to start a new house, you need to be a group of at least 5 active players. Join our Discord for more information!
  • A new house receives a starter shield lasting a week, protecting them from wars.
  • A kingdom consists of 3 houses.
  • The first house to inhabit a new kingdom has the right to appoint a king.
  • The maximum amount of players in a house is 20. This means a maximum of 60 players per kingdom.
  • A house needs to be inhabited by at least 3 active players. A disband timer starts if the player count of a house drops below this minimum. Under normal circumstances this timer will last for 7 days.
  • A house may be allied to a maximum of 2 other houses.
  • Friendly fire is disabled within an alliance.
  • When leaving or getting kicked from a house, it is mandatory to hand over the items in your inventory and ender chest. In general: resources belong to the land they were obtained from. Please contact a member of staff when a player refuses to hand in their belongings.
  • The smuggling of items is not allowed. For example: the use of multiple accounts across different houses to transport items. Use common sense.
  • Frequently hopping between different houses will result in a cooldown.
  • Avoid flying and warping during roleplay. Use common sense.

Section 3: Gameplay

  • Griefing is not allowed. The same applies to inappropriate builds and cobblestone monsters. Avoid unneccessary modification of the terrain.
  • Do not take items from other players without their permission.
  • Building, interacting, warping and the use of the donator perk '/fly' is only allowed within allied territory. Interacting and warping is also allowed on neutral land.
  • You are not allowed to create homes using the '/home' donator perk outside of your own house.
  • Neutral land, or wilderness, is land which is not occupied by a house. PvP is always allowed here.
  • Outside of wars you are not allowed to enter the land of a neutral or hostile house without their permission. Permission must be given in chat. When you are no longer welcome in a house, you must leave immediately, unless you are in combat.
  • When visiting the land of another house with permission, you are not allowed to attack the host unless they attack you first. Two houses visiting another house are allowed to attack each other as long as they both have permission to be there.
  • When starting a fight on neutral land, you are allowed to pursue your opponent (only your opponent, unless other's attack you) into the land of a neutral or hostile house, for the duration of your combat timer. Once your combat timer has ended, or your opponent is dead, you must leave immediately. Allies are not allowed to help you during this time, unless they also have an active combat timer.
  • Combat logging is not allowed. This includes ambushing others by logging out outside of your own house.
  • AFK farms are not allowed.
  • Only semi-automatic redstone farms are allowed, activated with a button for example. 0-tick farms are not allowed. Redstone constructions may only be active when a player is in the area.
  • Avoid building farms on a scale larger than you need. If your construction causes too much lag, we will remove it.
  • There is a limit to the number of mobs you are allowed to keep in a single chunk. The server will automatically take care of this.
  • Dangerous traps are not allowed. Examples are: deep holes, spleefable floors, inescapable areas, pistons that block off areas, dispensers, obnoxious use of lava, cobwebs and cacti. Annoying traps that slow players, such as the use of soul sand, magma blocks, honey blocks and clickable blocks, are allowed.
  • Sky bases are not allowed.
  • Ice roads are not allowed.
  • The use of ender pearls is disabled.
  • Most ability enhancing effects from potions are disabled. The weakness, night vision, luck and slow falling potions are still available. You are not allowed to use weakness on other players.
  • Block damage from mobs and explosions is disabled. Explosions still deal damage.
  • The creation of nether portals is disabled! You can still access the nether via existing portals in the world.
  • You are not allowed to get on top of the nether ceiling. The server will automatically attempt to kill you.
  • The end world is disabled.
  • Do not abuse bugs found in the server or game. This includes item duplication and constructions that cause lag or crash other clients. Please report them to a staff member!
  • The use of 3rd party/hack/modded clients is not allowed. This includes the use of X-ray using resource packs, autoclickers, freecam, or mods that reveal the location of hidden players. Approved clients: OptiFine, Badlion Client, Litematica, LabyMod and Lunar Client without rule breaking add-ons.
  • The use of alternative accounts is not allowed. Please inform staff when playing with multiple users on the same IP.
  • You are not allowed to sell in-game items or property for real world currency.

Section 4: Wars

  • You are not allowed to build during a war. Only the placing of water buckets and ladders is allowed. Water flow is disabled.
  • You are not allowed to loot your opponent's land. You may keep the loot of killed opponents.
  • There needs to be an opening of at least 3 x 3 blocks between the attackers and defenders at all times.
  • Bridges and stairs need to be surrounded by a wall that is at least one full block high.
  • You are not allowed to log out during a war, whether you have an active combat timer or not. Doing so will result in a death.
  • You are not allowed to use commands during a war. This includes disabling your fly ability.
  • Players are not teleported at the start of a war. Make sure to be in the right place at the right time, but do not enter your opponent's land before the war has started.
  • A war may take place in the defender's or attacker's territory, or on neutral land.
  • You are not allowed to attack a house with an active shield.
  • Fighting a war while having an active shield will result in the loss of your shield. You will not lose your shield when participating in a war as an ally.
  • Each house needs to have a least 3 players online at the start of the war. If your house fails to do so, it will automatically result in a loss. The losing house will not receive a shield.
  • The maximum amount of attackers is determined by the number of defenders at the start of the war. Both sides are allowed to bring a total of 2 extra players from alliances. Extra players from alliances are not taken into account when determining the maximum amount of attackers.
  • Players logging in during a war are not allowed to participate, and should remain in the spawn area of the server until the end of the war.
  • Players that have been killed during a war are not allowed to participate anymore and should also remain in the spawn area of the server.
  • The house or kingdom requesting the war is automatically the attacker.
  • A war request is not final until it has been reviewed and accepted by a member of staff. The time of the war may be adjusted.
  • A war may be planned in the evening, 7-11 PM (19.00-23.00), or during the weekend.
  • After a war has been announced, both attackers and defenders are not allowed to create new alliances.
  • A war lasts for a maximum of 60 minutes, or until all members of a side have been killed. If an hour has passed, the winner is determined by the amount of kills made on both sides. If there is no winner, the war may be extended in time.
  • A war is spectated by a member of staff at all times. If a member of staff fails to spectate, the war may be delayed.
  • If the war has ended, remaining players should immediately leave their opponent's land. If a player fails to leave their opponent's land within 10 minutes, a warn may be issued. During this period players are not allowed to fight.
  • There are two types of wars: House versus House and Kingdom versus Kingdom.

House versus House

  • This war takes place between two houses.
  • This war is requested by a lord.
  • This war needs to be requested at least 24 hours in advance. The war may take place 24 hours after it has been requested.
  • The winning house receives a single War Key. You can win an additional key by killing all of your opponent's.
  • The defenders receive a 3-day shield at the end of the war. Attackers receive a 2-day cooldown on attacking.
  • If the war takes place within the same kingdom, kingship may be conquered by the winner of the battle. The winner is then allowed to appoint a new king.

Kingdom versus Kingdom

  • This war takes place between at least two kingdoms. At least 2 houses of each kingdom participate. Houses within the same kingdom need to be in an alliance with each other.
  • This war is requested by a king.
  • This war needs to be requested at least 2 days in advance. The war may take place 2 days after it has been requested.
  • The winning kingdom or alliance receives War Keys equal to the amount of participating houses. You can win an additional key by killing all of your opponent's.
  • The defenders receive a 5-day shield at the end of the war. Attackers receive a 3-day cooldown on attacking.

You have reached the end! Thanks for reading. Let us know if you have any questions or suggestions.

Please note that these rules are subject to change, and that the ℜ𝔢𝔤𝔢𝔪 team holds the right to make any changes

to these rules they feel are necessary. Important changes will always be communicated.