Welcome to the Regem store!

The following items are available for purchase, and will directly impact your gameplay experience:
  • Donator Ranks
  • Rank Upgrades
  • Community Gifts
  • Server Unbans
By buying something from our store, you support the server by helping us cover our monthly server costs!
All revenue generated via this store is either used to cover server costs, or to improve the server.

Payment Methods
Payments are safely made via iDEAL or Bancontact. Contact our staff team if you wish to use another service, like PayPal or Paysafecard.

Terms and Conditions
By using our store, you agree that you are either 18 years or older, or have permission from your guardian. Our Minecraft server is a so called 'online server', which means that you can only play and purchase items with a legitimate Minecraft account.
After purchasing an item, you will have immediate access to it. Our Minecraft server will initiate your item(s) as soon as the payment has completed. This process can take up to five minutes, unless the main server is offline for maintenance. Maintenance announcements are made in advance in our Discord.
All items in our store are considered digital goods, and are (under normal circumstances) not eligible for a refund unless we fail to process your purchase. Direct chargebacks will automatically result in your item(s) being removed. If you wish to undo a purchase, please consult a member of staff first. We will likely grant you the refund request, unless the purchase was a long time ago or we believe that the request is unfair. Please create a support ticket in our Discord if you purchased the wrong item(s) or registered the wrong Minecraft account by accident.

Please note that Regem is not affiliated with Mojang and/or Microsoft.

The Regem store is powered by CraftingStore. The CraftingStore service is created and operated by CloudProtected, registered in The Netherlands. Click here to view the CraftingStore Terms of Service.

Didn't receive your purchased item(s)? Or have a question about our store? You can always send an email to Join our Discord server for the fastest support!